STAMENS is helping unprivileged girls stay in school!

The program is dedicated to helping vulnerable girls stay in school and realise their full potential through continued education. This program also works to raise awareness and build advocacy for a little known issue: that lack of access to sanitary protection and sanitary facilities can have a significant impact on girls’ education.

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Send your Donation to: The Treasurer, 79 Maze Hill, London SE10 8XQ enclosing a cheque made out to Stamens.

NOTE: If you are currently paying the full rate of Tax on the amount that you earn, and wish to GiftAid your postal donation, please enclose a short note, signed by yourself, to this effect with your contribution. GiftAiding will increase the value of your gift by 25%!

Outside UK

Margaret Mercy Ministries
Cooperative Bank of Kenya
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STAMENS is one of the projects under the umbrella organization of MARGARET MERCY MINISTRIES (MMM). This organization is currently operating the project in two schools in the rural area of Bondo, Siaya County, Kenya in an effort to ensure that adolescent girls remain in school during their menses.

MMM and her partners would by God’s grace like to extend this provision to work with other organizations, and individuals who share in the vision to see to it that the project is a success with the outcome being that no more girls will stay out of school.

This measure will improve the girls’ academic performance, increase their self-esteem and motivate them to have a positive outlook to life.

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued support to the STAMENS – Sanitary Towels. The ministry runs due to your continued prayers, unconditional support, gifts and donations.

Your donation means girls can stay in school! continuing their education without interruption.

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